The focus of this Spring Indigenous Knowlege Conference is Renewal.  

RENEWAL is about expression, voice and communication. It is about and being guided by knowledge and the support to do so. 

  • Expect to learn skills around Human Rights including how to advocate with and for clients who may have Human Rights complaints, why it would be important for a family or individual, as well as support in this area.
  • Expect to gain an understanding of Indigenous Methodologies and Frameworks which are evidenced based, true tested, and effectively meet the needs of learners, families, and community to build connection, unity and in the spirit of good relations that are strength based.
  • Expect profesional quality interactions and experiences in the fields of Social Justice, Indigeous Education, Learning, Health, Economics, Entrepreneurship & Leadership in relation to Indigenous Knowledges.
  • Best of all:  vendors, coffee, tea, conversation, lunch, network and opportunities in transfomative learning in the spirit of change making, sharing, in approaches that culturally respectful, relevant, and are positive.

Here is the link to the Conference Agenda: IK Spring Agenda Conference