Sponsors may not be able to attend but they can help by sponsoring someone who may want to come, but cannot afford.

We don’t want to leave anyone out. beSuperior has worked in a student conference cost to help offset the costs and has reserved 5 seats at the moment for students.

A delegate may also need to be sponsored  in order to help out with costs. Additionally when working with Elders in the area, in other projects, Elders, noted that they want to be part of more engaging activities in the community.  See this about the Elders:  Elders in Thunder Bay Life Long Care Launch a Human Rights Quilt

Sponsoring an Elder, or an entire table of Elders, would really be appreciated.

Reciprocity and giving back in knowledge building is a way to make positive change. It can make the difference in somebody’s life. beSuperior is trying to make the conference accessible and will also be launching a TeeSpring T shirt design to offset and support a seat for a student. We all might remember how hard that was. Here is the link for T Shirts Teespring

This important work takes support. beSuperior is humbled and thankful for those who are supporting this important conference.

“Real generosity towards the future lies in giving all to the present.”
― Albert Camus

Blueberry Sponsor Level – Sponsor a Student ($199.00)

Every contribution matters and helps out. The blueberry is the smallest and most treasured fruit to many Indigenous Nations. The blueberry brings much nourishment. A blueberry is a small but much loved fruit. It is medicine. The blueberry makes us so happy when we find a patch.

Cedar Tree Level – Sponsor an Elder ($250.00)

Every contribution matters and helps out. Cedar trees are majestic. They fill the forest with an aromatic smell, and we use them for many purposes. Our forests are precious to us. Our Elders are said to be the guardians of knowledge, and our culture.  A tree is a symbol of knowledge and learning.

Buffalo Sponsor Level – Sponsor a Conference Delegate ($250.00)

Every contribution matters and helps out. The buffalo gave his/her entire life to feed a community. The buffalo were also hunted to the extreme, and killed off. Today, we see the buffalo in the symbol of hope, strength and courage. The buffalo is seen as the teacher of respect.

Sabe/Bigfoot Sponsor Level – Sponsor a Table of Elders (1500.00) or other Donations of over $1000.00 for future Professional Development 

Every contribution matters and helps out. The Sabe, or Bigfoot, is seen as a mystery. Many of us have stories of the Bigfoot or Sabe. Well tell them to each other, or to our friends. If you see Sabe, you are said to be given the gift of gentleness. Sabe, as I have heard, would never hurt you. S/he is the teacher of honesty.


All contributions will be acknowledged in the conference, and gratitude given for this generous gift of helping to support connection, and build the circle of knowledge and learning.


beSuperior thanks the following sponsors and help to make this conference happen:

Ontario Healthy Coalition, Helping to support the Keynote Speaker, Dr. LittleBear

Hydro One,   Cedar Tree Level Sponsorship, Helping an Elder come to the conference.

Regional Multicultural Association, To provide rides of student participants who will help with volunteering, so that students are safe in arriving home and to the event.

Paro,  $1000.00 Grant, put towards the event marketing costs. Last year I applied to be a part of the SENO Program, which is about social enterprises. This was a process to receive and required comittment and time.