Thank you

A huge thank you to all of you who made it out or those of you who had the intention of coming to the meeting and did not attend. We were thinking of you all the time. I will be uploading Little Bear's Power Point and other information for sharing. Little Bear did mention this … Continue reading Thank you

Remembrance Day 2017

Several reasons to remember our veterans, and what they did and gave, to this Great Country. In Marathon, Ontario, they will be doing their first annual Heroes & Hockey Classic was dreamt up about a year ago by a group of hockey players looking for a way to revive their winter "old timers" league tournament, said organizer Kris … Continue reading Remembrance Day 2017

Tickets for the IK Conference

Goodmorning everyone. If you are like me, you are enjoying your Sunday with your besties. I hope your Sunday is truly a restful one. There are only about two weeks left for the IK Conference in Thunder Bay. This week there are many details to lay out and ensure are put together for the conference … Continue reading Tickets for the IK Conference

Walking the Secret Path

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Dear Gord,

Last year you helped me bring the story of Chaine Wenjack to my students. It’s certainly not an easy story to tell, but like so many of your stories, it’s an important one. It’s perhaps the most important story you ever told. I’m saddened by your passing, but comforted in knowing that your stories will continue to shape and change lives….


When I first watched Gord Downie’s Secret Path I was moved beyond words. I knew I had to invite Chanie into my class but I wasn’t sure how. I reached out to our Native Resource Teacher, Mrs. Fiddler for advice, guidance and support.

Part One- Monday and Tuesday- A Journey to Canada’s Past


Over the past two days Mrs. Fiddler has taken us on a journey…into Canada’s past. She took my class to places I never could have. She shared stories that I didn’t even know existed…

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Election Canada to present at the Conference,

Election Canada will be participating in the conference, and is interested in learning about the application of Indigenous knowledge in relation to civic education, and how Indigenous knowledge could help to support and collaborate in the areas of civic engagement.  Election Canada will be setting up a kiosk as well as having an interactive presentation. Elections Canada … Continue reading Election Canada to present at the Conference,