1. The Kwayaciiwin Education Resource Centre will be in the vendor area, and they support First Nations student success in partnership with our communities. http://www.kwayaciiwin.com

2. Ed Wesley will be in with his amazing company, Max-Wear is a unique Aboriginal clothing/apparel business. We are made up of a family of artists whom work together to collaborate and share our ideas to give you the very best of our clothing designs and textile art murals; which we design with different animal or aboriginal themes. We appreciate the wilderness and all wildlife, so we love to capture their essence in our apparel and art. We love living in Northern Ontario, so naturally we want to show our appreciation of this beautiful country we live in.

3. Election Canada will be in the area promoting civic engagement and being there to support the conference through building relationships and sharing knowledge, as well as learning in the process.

4. Negahneewin Student Services will be on site, and specifically the Indigenous Student Navigators. Join their Facebook page at APIWIN: Negahneewin Student Services Facebook page.

5. Little Bear Trading will be in the house – Ann Dick and her awesomeness.










See more, www.max-wear.com