Why A Spring Indigenous Knowledge Conference?

After the first conference in November of 2017, I overheard a person speaking about how great the first conference was. Immediately I thought about how long it would take until the next one. Something told me, I should aim for another in the Spring. It was this simple thought which lent itself to believing having … Continue reading Why A Spring Indigenous Knowledge Conference?

Spring, Bear Song

The Ute celebrate, Spring, and here we hear a story from the Ute in recognition of Spring,  I always heard about how the bear was our brother or sister, and how, we used to talk with them, that we are closely related to the bear, mukwa, from the Anishnabek perspective, great to hear this Ute … Continue reading Spring, Bear Song

Thank you

A huge thank you to all of you who made it out or those of you who had the intention of coming to the meeting and did not attend. We were thinking of you all the time. I will be uploading Little Bear's Power Point and other information for sharing. Little Bear did mention this … Continue reading Thank you

Remembrance Day 2017

Several reasons to remember our veterans, and what they did and gave, to this Great Country. In Marathon, Ontario, they will be doing their first annual Heroes & Hockey Classic was dreamt up about a year ago by a group of hockey players looking for a way to revive their winter "old timers" league tournament, said organizer Kris … Continue reading Remembrance Day 2017