Why A Spring Indigenous Knowledge Conference?

After the first conference in November of 2017, I overheard a person speaking about how great the first conference was. Immediately I thought about how long it would take until the next one. Something told me, I should aim for another in the Spring. It was this simple thought which lent itself to believing having a Spring Conference with a focus on Renewal would be a good idea.

In the Indigenous community we come together in the spring. We come together for many reasons: ceremonies, fasting, hunting, and for fishing. We come together and it is a time of sharing, bonding, and telling stories about how we made it through the winter time. Winter a quiet and busy time. We have told stories all thru the winter and moved into the New Year. Spring time a period of setting forth our vision for the New Year.

The beginnings of Spring often mean we set out on a journey.

We make new plans for the summer ahead.

We plan for what our goals or our priorities are.

We come together to make new plans, share new ideas, and celebrate what worked for us and what works.

We have accomplished the hard work over the fall and winter.

We look forward to our time on the Land in the spring, summer and fall.

Spring is a busy season. It is where we wait for the much anticipated sun to return and the longer days start. We start to put away the layers of Old Man winter, and feel the warm rays of the sun on our days.  We get inspired by the idea of new life, new beginnings. Spring is a time of change.

We want to go outside.

We have a need to look up more at the constellations.

Spring is a time shift.

We notice the wind more in the Spring. A story from Cajete on the Wind from the Navajo tells us about the Holy Ones who send different Winds when we are in our mother’s womb that there is a combination of the Wind of the Mother and the Father that make us unique.

This creative quality of the “winds coming together” that enables us to breathe and be alive. It is this wind that makes us who we are and from birth and beyond it is the wind which helps guide and direct us and that we need to understand our wind, and how each and everyone has winds that impact oneself, both from the natural and supernatural world. It is said that it is the wind within which will have the greatest impact on behaviour and way of life.

Winds child exists everywhere. The same winds child exits within us and our tissues. We live by it; we think by it. Wind standing alongside us, warns us of danger and repercussions of our actions… our twin wind is our intuition  and acts as a guide.  It connects guides and communicates thru dreams.

(Cajete,  Look to the Mountain, p. 53)

The wind is one of my favourites. A teaching I have also heard, is in order to cleanse of stress, is to go stand in the wind. The wind truly is a powerful healer and Cajete’s story tells us about how we have that wind within us, the gift of wind.

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