Tickets for the IK Conference

Goodmorning everyone. If you are like me, you are enjoying your Sunday with your besties. I hope your Sunday is truly a restful one.

There are only about two weeks left for the IK Conference in Thunder Bay. This week there are many details to lay out and ensure are put together for the conference to run smoothly.

Today, I will be offering a ticket up for a conference delegate who would love to attend. This will stay up until enough have been received, to do a draw from, and with.

Elections Canada also is sponsoring an entire table of Elders, for the Sabe/Bigfoot Sponsorship Level. This will be confirmed this week.  This is super exciting.

Conferences are a great way to network and connect. This past winter, I went to a conference alone. I was sort of caught off guard, when I entered the event, alone, with no one to attend with. You go through those moments, of crap, where do I go? Who do I sit with? How do I introduce myself to others without feeling like, a loner? Anyway, I grabbed a seat alone. Soon enough, others joined me. In fact, I had to move bit, to create more space since I lost that alone feeling, to wow, where did all these people come from. Sometimes, we just have to take that risk. Do things we are not sure of. Go places, we know, we will learn and benefit. Go because we know we have a story to tell. Offer ourselves. Our expertise. We may not even feel we have expertise but we do. Indigenous Knowledges are about self knowledge, and self learning, as much as being a part of a community of learners.

So please, if you want a ticket, and need one, then, let it be known. Enter the draw by sending your name and you will be added to the draw. Include your organization, or title: mother, sister, daughter, E.D., brother, uncle, leader, researcher, etc. If you already entered and want a chance, add your name as well.

Sharing knowledge is an exciting thing.  This event will be more than your usual event. You will walk away touched, encouraged, with a new focus and abilities.

Exciting and super exciting! #GratitudeSundays


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