Sainte-Marie and Little Bear honoured at U of L fall convocation

Buffy Ste.Marie and Dr. Little Bear


Sainte-Marie says she’s thankful to have been a part of ceremony, but more so to see the looks on the faces of the students graduating.

“I feel blessed to have been able to go to university myself, and it was a big honour for me to be a part of this day to participate with people who will form the future of our country,” Sainte-Marie said.

Sainte-Marie was also very complementary of the time she’s spent with Indigenous elders around Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Quoting Little Bear:

“There’s lots of people doing truth and reconciliation in Canada right now, but the University of Lethbridge has been about truth and reconciliation way before it was cool,” Little Bear said. “Ever since the establishment of Native American studies we’ve seen an increase in the amount of cultural and academic programming, and that’s proof the work we’ve been doing has made a difference.”

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